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What Are New Treatment Technologies?

Our new treatment technology is an innovation in hearing health care that gives your brain more of the relevant information it needs to make better sense of sound, so you can experience better speech understanding, remember more of what was said, and reduce the strain on your brain. In turn, your risk of dementia and cognitive decline will be reduced.

• Clearer sound to the brain
• Increases speech understanding in noise
• Reduces listening effort & strain on your brain
• Remember more of what was said in conversation

Hear the Conversations That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Staying connected to family and friends is more important now than ever. With our advanced technology, you also get a wide range of connectivity options for a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations so you can go through your day with more confidence and convenience.

• More connections
• More conversations
• More engagement with family
• More television, movies & music
• More brain health
• More enjoyment
• More living

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Benefits of New Treatment Plans

With our new treatment technology, most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them. You’ll be able to hear like you used to and protect your brain health discreetly. Additionally, you will benefit from:

Increased comfort — Our advanced technology is smaller and more streamlined than traditional hearing aid amplifiers so you will experience little to no discomfort throughout your treatment
Better overall treatment — Modern treatment technology with Deep Neural Networks correctly processes sound, reduces background noise, and provides complex auditory stimulation patterns to more effectively restore your ability to hear in difficult situations while also reducing unwanted sounds. Your brain is able to properly hear and remember more quickly, thus slowing the progression of your hearing loss

Medically Proven Treatment

New treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus in Caldwell, ID are popular with patients who are looking for a discreet treatment option backed by science. This method, unlike traditional hearing technology options, helps you hear better in noise instead of just amplifying all sounds. Our hearing technology is nearly invisible to the human eye and blends with your natural skin and hair color.

Today’s invisible hearing technology in Caldwell, ID, helps you hear in all of life’s toughest situations without anyone knowing you’re wearing them. The removable hearing technology can be 100% invisible or virtually invisible and won’t interfere with glasses, oxygen, or everyday activities like exercise, sleeping, or showering.

Our team of specialists will personalize your treatment according to your unique activities and lifestyle to ensure comfort and effectiveness in treating your hearing loss.

Invisible Hearing Technology Can Help the Following Conditions:

• Struggling to understand in noise
• Hearing the television or telephone
• Tinnitus or ringing ears treatment
• Hearing women’s & children’s voices

By using cutting-edge technology, invisible solutions can now treat a broad range of hearing and tinnitus conditions that were previously treatable with behind-the-ear treatment technology.

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